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Lockheed Martin Lays Out Metaverse Tools For Modern Battlefield

Metaverse technology is strikingly good for many initially. However, some experts have even declared it dead. Defense sector companies like Lockheed Martin are embracing it. In their recent press release, the aerospace and defense organization shed light on a few training solutions they have developed.

A Backpack of Tools

The release reads, “Lockheed Martin is increasing training and simulation realism to ensure those we serve always stay ahead of ready.” One of their solutions dubbed AMAZE is a projector-based system for high-fidelity training. Prepar3D is able to create learning scenarios across domains including aviation, maritime, and ground.

One of its solutions dubbed Battle Staff Trainer can develop digital twins of battle spaces for soldier training. According to Lockheed Martin, “Command and staff can learn to make smarter and faster decisions through realistic and customizable scenarios in this proven, validated training solution.”

Military metaverse serves a different purpose than the traditional concept of the metaverse. A ‘civilian metaverse’ includes socialization, finance, entertainment, and more. Technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies are supposed to play an integral role in its development.

Available data indicates that there are nearly 400 Million users using the metaverse. A majority of these users come from games like Roblox. The game accounts for almost half of its population. Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) pushed the notion of digital twins to new highs, however, it was short-lived. Their metaverse platform dubbed Horizon Worlds has failed to garner ample attention to survive.

The defense sector is among the leading sectors to move along with technological advancements. Modern warfare has changed the rules of engagement. A military armed with apt advanced equipment can easily outshine soldiers from enemy lines. Recently, Lockheed Martin struck a partnership with a Finnish firm to develop solutions for the modern battlefield.

SpaceNews, a digital publication covering business and political news, reported that the company is planning to send “a payload to orbit to demonstrate 5G connectivity from space.” They are focused on a concept of what they call an “all-domain network.” The project will enhance communication between space and ground forces.

5G is an important technology for the metaverse. Virtual worlds require the transfer of a barrage of data in seconds. Data shows that 5G can transmit up to 20 gigabytes of data per second. A blog by telecom company Ericsson writes, “It’s hard to avoid the term metaverse these days. But the truth is, to reach its full potential, the 5G metaverse relationship will be key.”

Although military and civilian metaverses share differences, some technologies remain common among them. Head-mounted devices (HMDs) are a key to access the virtual worlds. About 19 Million virtual reality (VR) headsets were sold in 2022. Data aggregator Statista forecasts another 21.7 Million units to be shipped in 2023.

Furthermore, extended reality (XR) is gaining more importance among technology giants provided that the term serves as a catch-all phrase for augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and VR.

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