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The most important things to know about CRYPTO ZAIAT


In the world, it is the only currency that only grows in a natural way (confirmed based on detailed calculations in point 10).


It is the only currency that is not dependent on the current crypto market and, moreover, cannot be manipulated in any way because the growth is based on a 2% fee. When you make a transaction, 2% of the transferred coins will be charged, and these coins will be burned, with their value becoming part of the remaining coins in the market. The burned coins will not be reintroduced into the system (see more details in point 10).


It is immune to both inflation and deflation and is not tied to market quotations; it remains independent of them.


It cannot be devalued by fake news or trading volume fluctuations.


It has its own blockchain and an instant exchange system. Any issues that may arise (such as breaches or account thefts) will not affect the ZAIAT currency because the system is rewritten with state-of-the-art security provided by CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY.


All transactions are 100% validated in the blockchain within 24 hours. Therefore, if your account is stolen by someone, you have the chance to recover your account and the held coins. Nevertheless, we want to inform you that we have the most advanced security system currently available in the crypto market.


ZAIAT is a cutting-edge CRYPTO currency and is not a token, meme coin,nft or other. ZAIAT uses its own unique blockchain with a mode of operation and security that cannot be compromised by AI or quantum computers.


ZAIAT has an API system for shops, enabling currency transactions for middle and high-level goods and services. ZAIAT is particularly focused on the real estate market, with plans to open platforms for REAL ESTATE and AUTO transactions. Starting in the first quarter of 2024, ZAIAT will launch real estate listing platforms in the USA, EUROPE, and DUBAI.


At this moment, we are receiving offers to list the ZAIAT currency on other platforms, but our company has decided that the listing will occur after the distribution of all ZAIAT coins in the market. Starting in the first quarter of 2024, the ZAIAT currency will be listed and traded on the new ZAGLOB platform.


In point 10, we will provide a demonstration of how the ZAIAT currency naturally grows and is not pyramid-based :

The explanation of growth in simple terms.

Suppose a person named “JOHN” owns 1,000,000 ZAIAT coins (worth $50,000) and decides to transfer these coins to another person. When JOHN makes this transfer to another person’s account, the latter will receive 980,000 ZAIAT ($49,000). In the transfer made by JOHN, the applied TAX was 2% in the equivalent of 20,000 ZAIAT (value 1000 USD). The number of ZAIAT coins at the beginning will have an amount of 40,000,000,000 ZAIAT coins, and after the transaction indicated above, the total number remaining is 39,999,980,000 ZAIAT coins. All coins that were part of the transfer fee are automatically burned and cannot be re-entered into the system! The FEE from JOHN’s $1000 transfer will be added as value in the remaining coins in the market (39,999,980,000 ZAIAT). If a coin was originally worth $0.05, it will now have a new value of $0.0500000250000125 because of JOHN’s transfer fee. In the transaction demonstrated above, it can be realized that even if the currency increased in value, the capital remained the same, namely 2,000,000,000 USD. In conclusion, the ZAIAT coin does NOT grow and will never grow in a PYRAMID way! Our algorithm does not depend on sales or purchase volumes, but on a 2% fee applied to each transaction. This transaction tax is burned out of the general capital and passed into the remaining capital, generating growth. The number of coins decreases – BY BURN, the value of the other remaining coins – INCREASE, and the general capital remains the same in value. In other words, there is no pyramid scheme. Everyone wins. Any possibility of profit from fluctuations is excluded, eliminating the decrease. The algorithm is UNIQUE, which makes the ZAIAT coin UNIQUE.


Crinception Technology is a registered trademark and cannot be copied, whether you create a coin with a fee of 0.01 or 99.99. Any individual or company that creates a coin using this computing technology will be subject to legal action by CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY LLC, and appropriate measures will be taken against them.

We are excited to announce that ZAIAT is launching its largest promotional campaign on social media and in the mass media. The promotion will only involve globally renowned individuals with high ratings from first-generation crypto coin holders.

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