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Crypto Brief: Schiff Foresees Bitcoin Dip Pre-US ETF Launch; VC Spectra Presale Promises Big Returns

Many analysts are predicting the Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF approval in the US being approved in the coming months. However, analysts like Peter Schiff call for a dip in the Bitcoin (BTC) price before it happens. Amid such predictions, VC Spectra (SPCT) has consistently given big returns to its investors during its presale. Let’s understand why VC Spectra (SPCT) is being touted as the best crypto to buy during its presale.


  • Analyst Peter Schiff has called for a Bitcoin (BTC) dip pre-ETF approval.
  • VC Spectra (SPCT) poised for another surge after a 725% presale rise in price.

Peter Schiff Calls For a Bitcoin (BTC) Dip Before ETF Approval

With Grayscale winning the case against the SEC in August, the path to Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF has become clear. Many crypto analysts are calling for the Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF to be approved shortly.
However, prominent analyst Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin forecast is a Bitcoin crash before BTC ETF is approved. His reason behind giving such as the Bitcoin forecast is his belief that BTC will ultimately drop to zero. On the other hand, the Bitcoin forecast by other analysts is for BTC to hit $150,000 once ETF is approved.

During these predictions, the Bitcoin (BTC) price has bounced since hitting a low of $26,626 on October 11. By November 13, the Bitcoin (BTC) price had surged 38.1% to reach $36,775. As a result, despite what analysts say, experts predict that Bitcoin (BTC) will continue surging in the coming months.

VC Spectra (SPCT) Continues Giving Big Presale Returns After 725% Surge

VC Spectra (SPCT) aims to revolutionize investing in blockchain ICO and DeFi companies through its AI-powered hedge fund. By leveraging AI and with the advice of expert venture capitalists, VC Spectra picks the early discounted projects to invest in. The platform is fully decentralized, democratic, and accessible to all. Through these investments, VC Spectra generates consistent and stable user profits.

VC Spectra is built on the Ethereum network and has a doxxed CEO and CFO to establish trust and transparency. The smart contracts used on the platform are audited by the BlockReport Audit Team. VC Spectra has a dedicated token vesting schedule for its native governance token, SPCT.

The SPCT token is a BRC-20 token with a total supply fixed at 2 billion. The private seed sale of the SPCT token by VC Spectra raised $2.4 million. Since then, it has been conducting the public presale of the SPCT token in multiple stages.

The public presale is currently in Stage 4, with the SPCT token priced at $0.066 after surging 725% from Stage 1. By the time the presale ends, the token will surge 900% to reach $0.080 before it is launched on December 6. Hence, crypto experts are calling it the best crypto to invest in during its presale.

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