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Bitcoin Minetrix to Cross $4M Soon – 3 Days Left to Buy the Cloud Mining Token Before the Next Price Increase

The crypto market is undergoing a period of rejuvenation. Bitcoin is on its way to the $40K milestone, while Ethereum has crossed the $2K milestone. As optimism surrounding the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs takes over, $365 billion flows into the market.

Although high-cap cryptos continue to grab mass media attention, low-cap gems have the attention of strategic investors. A good example of the trend is the rapid progress of the Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) presale, which is about to cross the $4M milestone in the next few hours. 

Considering cloud mining #BTC with #BitcoinMinetrix?


1⃣ Easy entry for all, no technical know-how required.
2⃣ Cost-effective mining without hardware expenses.
3⃣ Say goodbye to space, noise, and heat concerns.
4⃣ No worries about hardware resale challenges.

— Bitcoinminetrix (@bitcoinminetrix) November 12, 2023


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The Hottest Crypto of the Month 

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new cloud mining project that has yet to go live on crypto exchanges.

The unique value propositions put forward by the project centered around a stake-to-earn ecosystem have garnered significant traffic to the $BTCMTX presale. According to market analysts, the token has the potential to 10X on its launch later this year from a conservative point of view. 

The key factor that distinguishes the cloud mining project is its ease of access. 

Although most cloud mining projects claim to lower the entry barrier to bitcoin mining, they still demand technical expertise, time, and hardware investment. If you’re a passive investor, traditional cloud mining is likely to disappoint you. 

Bitcoin Minetrix addresses the challenge through a novel system it calls stake-to-mine-to-earn or simply stake-to-mine.

As the name reveals, here, you need to stake your tokens to earn mining rewards.

The staking system supports $BTCMTX tokens for staking. Once you have staked them in the stake-to-earn module that will go live soon after the presale, you will start to earn mining credits. 

The credits are distributed as non-transferable credits. This safeguards them from hacks and thefts. To convert them into bitcoin mining rewards, you need to burn them from the website. The process can be completed in a few clicks. 

As you can see, the process doesn’t require any hardware investments. For the same reason, you need not worry about resale value and depreciation when signing up for cloud mining with Bitcoin Minetrix. 


How to Get Started with Bitcoin Minetrix

To get started with Bitcoin Minetrix, you will need $BTCMTX tokens. 

It is the only investment required to join the stake-to-mine cloud mining platform. It can be sold in any popular crypto exchange once it completes the presale stage. Blockchain tokenization of cloud mining allows the platform to make the attractive source of income accessible to a wide range of people with no prerequisite of technical expertise or initial capital investment. 

You can buy as many Bitcoin Minetrix as you can afford. 

That said, it is a good idea to buy the tokens at the ongoing presale if you don’t wish to pay a high price once it goes live on crypto exchanges. 

The token is now selling for $0.0116 at the presale. 

Given the high market relevance of the project, its growing popularity, and its large potential user base, $BTCMTX can jump anywhere from 1000% to 2000% on its initial launch. 

The current bull market is likely to expedite the price appreciation. Even if a price correction follows as the broader market slows down, the token has the potential to find support at 800-1200% above the presale price. 

According to YouTuber Jacob Bury, known for his low-cap gem finds, Bitcoin Minetrix is “the next 10x potential presale”. He notes that the project’s problem-solving use case will kindle the price action as soon as it goes live on the first crypto exchange.

The Crypto News YouTube channel also forecasts a similar 10X price appreciation. 

But the series of exchange listings that follow will take the price further up the charts. A Binance listing, in particular, can secure the token a stable $500M valuation within a short time. 

Wildly optimistic price predictions for $BTCMTX are also surfacing. For example, Joe Parys Crypto recently speculated that the token could 100x. The price surges of creative projects like Rollbit Coin and Pepe, however, have proven that crypto market volatility can at times lead to astonishing gains. 

It is important to note that even if $BTCMTX manages to make a 100X jump before December, it is unlikely to retain the value as price correction acts up. 

The Next Price Increase is in 3 Days!

The presale of Bitcoin Minetrix is divided into multiple stages with a gradual price increase. The earlier you buy in, the higher the potential ROI. The next price increase will be enabled in three days. 

Bitcoin Minetrix has launched a giveaway titled “Minedrop” for $30K worth of $BTCMTX. The prize pool will be split between ten winners. Each user has up to six chances to win by completing simple tasks like following the Bitcoin Minetrix X community on social media.


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